Moro Swords by Robert Cato ( Very Rare! ) Used!


The book titled “Moro Sword” by Robert Cato is one of those hard to find speciality books. The author takes a look a variuos swords/weapons used primarily by the inhabitants of the Southern Moro/Muslim area of the Philippines. The author has included some rather rare pictures and interesting facts about the weapons, their history,cultural relevance, and manufacture. For any student of the Filipino Martial Arts, this is a must have in your library. Many people doing research on the weapons of this particular genre will find the book essential to have in their library. The The “Moro Sword” book is a one of a kind book….it narrows down it’s topic and does an adequate job as a good basic overview of the material. My only real criticism of the book is that it contains only roughly one hundred pages of text and pictures. But aside from this, the book is a rare gem to have in your collection, and it is well worth the effort it takes in acquiring a copy.



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