Over the past two decades, we have received numerous inquiries about balisong knives that have been passed down to clients by their loved ones. Many of these inquiries involve requests to authenticate the knives’ histories, but this task often proves challenging due to the lack of accompanying documentation. However, Balisong.com has now introduced a solution to address this issue.

Introducing our Blockchain Digital Passport, a permanent digital record specifically designed for the knives we offer. Each balisong knife is associated with a comprehensive provenance record that can be securely stored on the blockchain. In addition, the certificate includes a photograph of your balisong knife, details such as its year of manufacture, technical specifications, location of origin, and the name of the knifemaker (if applicable).

By leveraging blockchain technology, we can effectively combat counterfeiting and provide owners with an ironclad guarantee of their Filipino Balisong’s authenticity throughout its lifespan, even as it changes hands. This unique document is intrinsically linked to the individual product, ensuring the security of data pertaining to ownership, value, nature, and authenticity.

Furthermore, the certificate can be easily printed for your personal records and conveniently shared with others to substantiate ownership or verify the knife’s provenance.