Customer Reviews

” I would like to say that your knives are the best I have seen. I have always been a long time collector. Thank you very much.”

— L Reek

“I recieved the balisong you sent me today . It is beautiful !!! Thank you very much. You have earned yourself a customer, I will be ordering others from time to time !!! “

— R. McKenzie

” Im very please with my other knife. Hence my second order”

— A. Botwright

” Just wonted to say thank you. I realy love it. The knife itself is perfect. Thanks !!! I am a long time collecter . I thought I got riped off. Becouse I did not think the knife would make it to the US. through customs, and all that crap. But it did. THANKS THANKS THANKS !!! – I was wondering when you guys were going to update your site ??? I would like to buy 1 or 2 more for gifts and another for my self. Please email me back on when more knives will be placed on your site! Thanks again !! “


” I just wanted to thank you for the package I ordered (the t-shirts and the balisword). It arrived today, and I’m very happy! ? I just thought the sword would be much bigger, but this is big enough.

Also wanted to thank you for including that S-sized balisong shirt for my girlfriend. That was really nice of you. As last time, it’s been a great pleasure doing business with you. I just can’t wait until there’s a new Tee design for me to buy. They’re very nice, but I’m sure you already know that. ?

Keep up the superb work! “


“Just wanted to let you know that I recieved the balisong in the mail today. Thank You. It’s definitely a work of art and I love it! Great quality and craftsmanship. Thanks Again!!!”

— Frank P

“I just got the custom bali from this site, the spear point blade with bone inserts. Just to let everyone know that these are top quality knifes…from the beautifully crafted display box to the cloth carefully wrapping the work of art. The handles were highly polished and the blade gleeming with perfection…it’s well worth the money. As for the action, it needs to be broken in…it’s a little tight. It’s
very well constructed…no play at all when the handles are open. But I’m sure it will be one of my smoothest bali’s…I guess I’m just another satisfied customer. Thanks “

— M Hatten

“I have to say I am in utter awe of your work. The Pandayan is an absolute gem. I just can’t say enough about what a fine piece of craftsmanship this is. Your knives are everything I look for in a well designed and well built piece. This thing feels so right in my hand I may not be able to put it down all day”. Take care and keep up the good work.

— P Smith

I rec’d the “Weehawk Pandayan ” knife today, and my, what a beauty it is!! Your craftsmanship once again is absolutely magnificent!

— R Baron

“Just got my second knife, a 5 1/2 inch spearpoint with finger groove handle , brass and wood inlay #B000112. I’m glad I ordered it at first sight. This knife is sweet! The blade has a beautiful finish and the handles are quite unique. The action is smooth and quiet, this is a dream peace. “

— M Knowles

Got my BALISONG earlier on today without a problem obviously.Great piece of workmanship with a few little marks here and there if you really check it out but considering it’s handmade it’s still a beautiful piece,a little stiff which is good as you know it will ware itself in and still be nice and solid,wrapped and can’t wait to start using it as i’ve spent most of the time polishing it up so i can see myself on it and just been slowly moving things around to loosen it up.Love the handle but especially the blade with the little serrations and quality,would like to get it raor sharp but i’m sure the’re not meant to be and if it was i’d probably lop a finger or more off while practising.Will definittely be the next gift for a friend who appreciates the same things i do,keep up the good work,you have another happy customer and “I’LL BE BACK”,

–A Browns

I could not be more pleased with the beauty and quality of this knife. It is now my favorite in my collection. Many thanks!

–D O’Brien

Have received two of the three packets with three knives. Am very pleased with the ones I have received. They arrived rather quickly which I am glad. Excellent workmanship and will be considered the best part of my collection. I am awaiting the final two knives. Have they been held up? Thanks for the promptness.


”I just received the “Kris Pandayan” today and was completely stunned! The picture (which is very good) does no justice to this knife. You must hold this knife in your hand to feel it’s true beauty.

— N Jenkins

“I love the knife. The weight and fit are perfect. Thank you very much-the craftsmanship is amazing.”

— T Rogers

The knives arrived today, they are more than awesome. very nice work! I am proud to show one of your knives to anyone. They are first rate. Keep up the good work and remember me .

— C Mc Curdy

Just a quick note to let you know I received my “Pandayan Knife” yesterday afternoon. As expected, the quality and craftsmanship of your product is simply outstanding. The process from ordering to delivery was very efficient and I greatly appreciate the opportunity to do business with you. I am confident this piece will be handed down through several generations and I look very forward to my next purchase. Thanks again for the masterpiece!

F Goddard

I received my Pandayan Balisong today for my birthday. It is beautiful. The kris blade and workmanship are everything that I could possibly imagined and then some. The opening mechanism is flawless. It is truly a work of art and precision. The craftsmanship is something that is not found everday in our time. I thank you again. The knife will be cherished by myself and will be something that can be passed down to my son.

— Tom

The Padayan Balisong arrived safely. What a wonderful and superb piece of craftsmanship. An absolute gem and much more beautiful beyond anything that I expected. Images on your web site do not do justice to your craftsmanship. Do hope that sometime in the future, will have the pleasure of doing business with you again. Kindest Regards,

— D Parral

Thank you very much for the knife, which I received on Dec. 24th. What a great Christmas gift. I’m very happy with the knife you sent me!! Your craftsmanship is excellent and the design perfect. This is the best knife I own.

— Pierre

The Pandayan knife is excellent! The grinds are among the cleanest I’ve ever seen. The knife is a brute and I can see that it could easily excel in combat or for utility purposes. The handle is extremely comfortable. I was able to stab through an entire phonebook in reverse grip. I’m a pretty big guy but I could never accomplish that feat with any other knife I own. All in all, this knife is all I could ask for and more, a great deal for the price. Thank you very much. I’ll keep you posted as I continue to use the knife. All the best.

— F. P. Johnson

Just a short note to let you know I received the balisong knife this past Monday…..I am VERY pleased with the knife. It’s exactly what I wanted.
The craftsmanship is superb! Thanks a bunch! Take care and have a nice day!

— J Whiting

I received my knife today,very beautiful craftmanship! it took me about 2 hours to break the knife in with 3 and 1 household oil,now it works nice and smooth. The knife is extremelly dull though, I will take it to a pro to have it sharpened.nice work! Thank you,


Greetings, greetings…!!! Just sending a note to you and the crew at William Henry Knives to say ‘Thanks’ for a sensational creation. We’re truly awed and inspired with the unbelievable workmanship within the piece. Gracias. You guys come see us anytime. Please forward our sincere appreciation to everyone at the knifeworks. The work is stunning.

–B Gibbons

I wanted to tell you that you make truly the finest Traditional FHM Balisongs I have ever seen.

— S Bellert

I bought 3 knives & received a smaller one free of charge…very nice gesture. These Butterflies are top of the range & equal to the best i’ve ever had, excellent craftmanship & performance.

— Shirvaan

My pandayan knives were worth the wait; both of them are little works of art. I will be carrying a Pandayan Balisong, whether dressed in a suit or just out for the day. Your knife seems to compliment any type occasion.

— J Steffen

Thank you so much for my balisongs. These knives are truly made with great care, quality, and precision. As a matter of cultural pride, it means a lot to me to buy a balisong from Batangas, Philippines. You’re knives are truly works of art


These beauties are incredible. Initially they were too tight to flip without excessive force. After working on them a bit, using 2 hands to move them around and get some play in the handles, there smooth as silk and whisper quiet.

I got one free with my order, it is a 3″ kris. It was also very tight, and I dont like the size, too small for my hands. My girlfriend however (FireBird on these forums) likes it as far as I can tell.

The latch is tight, and I love it. It hasnt touched the blade yet. Its too tight to open with a squeeze, but thats no big deal as my EDC will be the MTech. When I close the latch, it is flush with the handles, and looks nice.

As for the handles themselves… the wood insert is painted… The black lines are fading already, and the white on the side of the safe handle is wearing off… These are not the inserts I ordered, but Armand just sent these ones as replacments, and there was a tight schedule to get them to my friend who delivered them to me, so time was not on our side.

I give Palacio 9.5/10 for service. And thats being very very picky. The knives themselves get 10. There amazing. If the one I ordered was what I ordered instead of one from the online selection, I’d give a 10 for service, and probably 11/10 for the knives.

Palacio, This is a special thank you to you for everything you did to accomodate me, I wholeheartedly appreciate it, and I say this to everyone else, ORDER SOME OF THESE KNIVES!!!


Palacio, thanks so much! That Kris (PANDAYAN ) arrived this morning.., very nicely done. When you have time I’d like to get some details from you so I can review the knife for you on the Forum. Also.., please let me know when you have a Weehawk model like that I can purchase from you . I’ll get the first one that is available if you are still having them made. Outstanding value for the price in my opinion.

— Pete Jonston, (aka. EXAMONLYF )